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Get rewarded for your loyalty.

Enhance your next night out with Mucudu.


Find Venues and Deals

Ever wondered how busy a bar was before visiting? Or wanted to find a dog friendly bar with a great parma deal? Find and filter by price, deals, location and features.

Earn Loyalty Points when you spend

You support your local, and now your local can support you. Get points every time you spend at your favourite bar which can be redeemed for more food and drinks.

Shout a Friend From Home

Can’t make Samantha’s bday across town. No worries, shout her a birthday Martini from home.

Pay with no EFTPOS fees

Your $14 Espresso Martini should be $14, not $15.37. With Mucudu, you pay for your drink and your drink only.

Manage your company bar tab from Your Phone

Perfect for your next team event!

Not only can you start, top up, track and stop your tab from your phone but you can also assign drinks per person so your tab lasts.


Jimmy O'Neill's

Buy Any Drink, Get One Free.

Beer tastes better when it's free. From 7-10pm every Friday.

50% off
$10 Pint

Jimmy O'Neills

$10 Stella

$10 Pizza

Naughty Nancy's

$10 Pizza

Free Pot

Jimmy O'Neill's

Free pot with a meal

50% off

Jimmy O'Neill's

Buy 1 pint, get1 free

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What is MUCUDU shouts?


We like to think of shouts as a way that you can send someone a drink no matter where you are. MUCUDU is perfect for noting all life’s moments with a beverage at a bar. Could be that you are unable to attend a birthday party, or you are away and unable to catch up with someone, you see someone online you would like to connect with, or you want to buy your team a round to congratulate their efforts.

What is MUCUDU tab?


Is our solution for corporates shouting teams and employees a drink to reward for great work? A very easy solution rather than having to set up tabs and organise invoices and finding someone to organise the event. We can do it all for you and work with the venue and the client with ease. If you’re interested in using the Tab feature reach out to use at

Is MUCUDU secure?


We follow best practices to keep your information secure and we use a square payment platform to process any funds.

Any fees?


It replaces the admin of processing gift cards and leaves you free to run your business. Our new app allows users to explore local bars and venues, connect with others nearby, get a round in using the MUCUDU app, check out what's happening nearby and find out what pub perks are on offer.

How do venues sign up?


All you need to do is follow the link on the website sign up. We will do the rest. There is no hardware to be purchased!

How do users sign up?


You just need to download the device from play store and apple store and set up a profile.